Just striving to live the fit and sexy lifestyle...41 years young, med sales & CPT. Texas Tech/Big 12 girl, but plays nice with SEC kids.....everything football (& fitness) Fantasy lineup advice.....it's almost time!!! Yeah.....nothing too girly here.


41 years…..determined never to look it!:)

Start of progress pics (ugh!) July 24….changing things up, new split/routine, getting prepped for possible comp…., will continue to post progress pics (better ones too..didn’t look fuzzy on cell!)  feedback appreciated….(okay maybe not on this one:)

Goals (12 weeks….approx. Dec.1st)   Add about 5-8 lbs lean mass……focus quads, glutes, bis/tris, ant delts, lats. abs (of course!) when bf drops about 5%, I’ll see them again :) I hope!

**Broke my radial head badly last September. Just released last month to lift upper body - so go easy!! It’s been depressing as hell - lost 8 lbs muscle :(

Need to taper that damn waist in - get down to about 10% bf (at 14% in pic)


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